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2pac: Amerikaz Most Wanted, Dead or Alive?

On September 13th 1996, American rapper 2pac Shakur was pronounced as being fatally killed by a series of gunshot wounds. Despite this, there is much surrounding his 'death' that doesn't add up. Now you're probably reading this thinking, this has got to be one of those whacked out 'conspiracy theories' going against everything ever officially reported, if he was alive we would know for certain, right? I initially thought the same seeing such claims too. It wasn't long however, before I found myself uncovering much more about his supposed death and the circumstances situated around it that made be begin to think otherwise. I began to realise that actually, such claims that 2pac may have faked his own death and is still alive may have more truths to them than what first appears, as it is evident that there is more to this story than what was ever officially reported..

It all began a couple years ago when I was on Youtube listening to 2pac and some of his songs. On the sidebar I saw a link titled "2PAC ALIVE 2014 RETURN - MUST WATCH!!". Of course I thought, another stereotypical video discrediting people questioning real conspiracies and cover-ups. Being a huge 2pac fan I couldn't help but take an interest in seeing what these people were claiming and so clicked the video anyway. What I saw next could not have surprised me more, as it was suggesting the last known photo of 2pac alive the night he had allegedly been shot, was fake! 

Pictured above on the left is the photo in its original form. What stands out about it most is that there are no keys in the ignition! This can be seen clearly from the close up picture to the right. It was reported that this photo was allowed to be taken by paparazzi while 2pac and his manager Suge Knight were waiting at traffic lights. With this in mind, it isn't possible that the car would have been able to take off without any keys.

Another strong piece of evidence made against the photo is a picture snapped of 2pac and Suge Knight earlier. The night 2pac was 'killed', he was at the MGM strip in Las Vegas to see a Mike Tyson boxing match. Interestingly if you look at the picture seen below you will notice something doesn't add up. It is very obvious if you examine the facial hair on 2pac's chin, you can see that in the picture where he is in the car his beard is much longer!

Finally, if you didn't think that was enough, this last piece of evidence against the 'final' photo is BY FAR the most compelling as it is quite clear that the photo of 2pac seen is actually his military portrait. Below you can see that this photo has been overlayed on top of the photo where he is seen in the car and is faded out gradually. The results are a perfect match..

If you look at his eyes throughout each frame they remain the same while the lighting changes..

This got me thinking, why on earth would somebody go to the trouble and effort to fake the last photo of 2pac being alive? There would have to be a reason for it, and so lead me to investigate further in finding out what else really happened that night. It turns out there were a number of things out of the ordinary. It was very strange for 2pac not to be wearing his bullet-proof vest as after less than a year earlier, 2pac had survived a point blank shooting in New York. It was because of this he was always seen to be wearing one.  
According to his cousin, Jamal Lesane: 
"Normally he wouldn't leave without it, but this time he left it behind and didn't have it with him."  
E.D.I also claims that night Kastro told 2pac he should put his vest on, but replied "It's too hot tonight."
Before the alleged shooting that would become known as the fatal night 2pac died, he and his camaraderie of Outlawz and bodyguards made their way across the Vegas strip to a mansion belonging to Suge Knight. According to members of The Outlawz, Suge and 2pac unexpectedly disappeared briefly while the others waited patiently. 
"I don't really know what Pac or Suge was doing at the time, I just knew we was waiting and I was ready to go."
Reportedly after about half an hour, with 2pac and the others now ready to leave for a show at club 662, 2pac made an unusual request to his bodyguard, Frank Alexander. 
"I was walking to the car with Suge and Pac when I was opening up the door to get in the backseat. Then Pac stopped me and said no take the keys and go drive the Lexus with the Outlawz, we're going to be drinking and you're going to be the designated driver to drive us back after we've finished parting."
This was even more out of the ordinary as 2pac would never go anywhere in public without at least one of his bodyguards for his safety. Given such abnormal circumstances, what happened later involving his 'death', was was either very convenient, or a total coincidence..

The story officially reported of 2pac's death is of he and Suge waiting at more traffic lights along the MGM strip, when a white Cadillac was seen pulling up next to them and began firing shots into their BMW. Frank Alexander was in the Lexus behind 2pac and described the scene as he saw it.

"After the Cadillac shot into the car I thought they were dead, my reaction was to run up to the car, but instead the car sped up and took off." 
The BMW went onto makes a hard right u-turn and race off in the opposite direction.
"I didn't know what to think, it was a faulk, it was a haze. Were these real bullets? Did they really shoot these guys?.."

Frank also made mention that some of the other cars containing security went in pursuit of the white Cadillac, although failed to catch up to it and identify the vehicle plate. To this day nobody knows who killed 2pac and the case remains an unsolved murder. 

The events that followed suit involved 2pac being rushed to hospital, although the details as to how he arrived and by whom are uncertain due to three different scenarios being relayed by different accounts. 

According to media 2pac and Suge were found in the BMW with all four tires blown out. An ambulance also apparently arrived on scene shortly after and was said to have rushed 2pac to hospital. Suge describes a different series of events, claiming in an interview he drove 2pac to the hospital himself, he then however is oddly seen changing his story to coincide with that of official media reports! The third and final account is that of a by-stander still on scene when asked on camera what she had just witnessed. 

VIDEO: "We were pretty far down the street when it happened, we didn't know if we heard gunshots, we didn't know exactly what we heard, we heard a lot of screaming and car screeching. We ran up the street as cops were running past us and by the time we got here they were already taking which now I found out is 2pac into the helicopter away."
Did this person say something she wasn't supposed to? .. Afterwards nobody else on the scene was further asked for questioning and reports continued to detail 2pac being met by an ambulance at the scene of the broken down BMW.

How much more bizarre could this night get? .. Well as it turns out things were only beginning to get stranger.

Pictured above on the left is a picture of the crime scene where the BMW came to its end. The damage to the rims can be seen from the blown out tires. Pictured to the right is news footage showing investigators examining the supposed car 2pac and Suge were in. Here's where it gets weird, if you look at the wheels of both cars neither match up.

When both cars are seen from another angle it is unmistakable that these are two totally different vehicles! This begs the question, why was this second car being examined and why was it on the scene??

When 2pac finally did arrive to the hospital, more reports began to contradict each other suggesting further evidence of a cover-up. No reporters were allowed in the hospital, yet medical personnel inside the building were seen on TV giving the following statement concerning 2pac's medical condition - 
"He is severely injured internally and has multiple gunshot wounds to the chest."
While this was taking place other media sources reported the following -
"We've been informed that doctors have told the family members that they can expect the rap-star to once again recover from his injuries."
As well as this a police communication supervisor who identified herself as Mrs. Coleman stated - 
"The rapper will survive". 
These are all indisputably things that would only be said if it was clear that a recovery was imminent.
Despite such statements, 2pac remained in hospital reportedly in an induced coma before apparently passing away from internal bleeding.

The very next day after 2pac was said to have passed his body was cremated! This is unheard of after a murder as bodies are usually held onto for longer so forensics can be properly examined to determine the cause of death, as well as piece together any evidence against finding out who the killer may be. It is because of this that it is difficult to imagine how a conclusive autopsy could have possibly taken place in such a short amount of time. 

In September of 1997 a book was written and released by Cathy Scott, a Las Vegas Sun reporter. "The Killing Of Tupac Shakur" The book claimed to exclusively obtain a photo of 2pac's autopsy that had been leaked to her. Cathy would never go onto disclose her source but rather only say - "I would never release anything I thought was fake."

Pictured below is the photo contained in Cathy Scott's book. While taking a closer look it is undoubtedly obvious that the alleged autopsy photo IS fake for two stand-out reasons.

Firstly, the tattoo seen on 2pac's right side of his neck "MAKAVELI" is not seen in the autopsy picture .. As if that wasn't enough, it is visible even to the naked eye to see that the edges of the back of his head, neck and elbow are noticeably choppy around the edges, indicating the photo seen likely was taken from another source similar to how the 'final' photo had been faked.

Could the above autopsy photo have been pieced together by manipulating frames from the music video 'California Love' where 2pac is laying in a similar body position?
.. It's possible. 

Further confirmation to suggest that 2pac never really underwent any post-death procedures at all can be verified from the documents above. Seen to the left is 2pac's Official Coroner's report, obtained directly from the Coroner's office. To the right is his drivers license that had been issued 4 months earlier. When comparing the two it becomes evident that the Coroner's Report is riddled with inconsistencies also. As stated on his drivers license 2pac weighed 168lbs.
According to the Official Coroner's report 2pac weighed 215lbs, meaning he would have had to put on 47lbs in 4 months making him clinically obese for his height!  
Also, when examining the Social Security Number (SSN) on the Official Coroners report we see the # 546-47-8539.
Whats strange about this you ask? A number of reasons can be identified. Firstly this SSN is not registered in the official death index. Secondly this SSN was issued in the state of California, 1977 .. 2pac was born in Brooklyn, New York during 1971 and did not move to CA until the mid to late 80's. And thirdly this SSN is still considered an active number! 

With this all in mind it is undeniable that the circumstances revolving around 2pac's death simply just don't add up or make sense. 

Why would the last photo of 2pac being alive be faked? 
Why were all of the news reports so inconsistent and contradicting? 
Why was 2pac cremated the DAY after his passing when the implications of an unsolved murder were still in progress?
Why would anybody release a fake autopsy picture other than using it as a means to cover up for a death that didn't really happen?
Why would the Official Coroner's report be so inaccurate? 

It really does begin to seem that the likelihood of 2pac having actually faked his own death, aren't as far-fetched as first thought. 

While having served time in jail 2pac read a lot of books, in particular during one of his interviews he mentions having read books on Machiavelli. Niccolo Machiavelli was an Italian war strategist who had advocated in his books that by faking your own death one was able to escape their enemies. Niccolo had faked his death to accomplish this himself, before returning 18 years later.

On November 5th 1996, 2pac's fifth and final studio album titled, 'The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory' was released under the new stage name MAKAVELI.

It can be seen that MAKAVELI is a shortened version of Machiavelli, is it possible 2pac was trying to hint something? When rearranged it can also be read as 'AM ALIVE K'. .. If you rearrange the letters of the entire album title "Makaveli The Don Killuminati: The 7 Day Theory" it can be read as: 
'Ok On Tha 7th U Think I'm Dead Yet Really Im Alive'.
What are the chances of that? .. The 7th is the same night 2pac had allegedly been shot! Not to mention, depicted on the new album cover is himself on a cross looking like Jesus. It would appear that 2pac would be following in Machiavelli's legacy when leaving behind such signs. 
Inside the album booklet is the following -
'Exit Tupac. Enter Makaveli'
'Executive Producer: SIMON'
This further suggests that 2pac faked his death and may be planning a return, especially when considering the significance of SIMON. Simon was an apostle of Jesus who helped him carry the cross and was one of the first to witness his resurrection.
In a recently given interview with Suge Knight, even more reason to believe 2pac faked his death became apparent -  
"His code name was MAKAVELI, like mine was SIMON, and if you know the story of MAKAVELI he faked his own death, but the same time y'know they wanted to put Pac in prison, and Pac would fake his own death to disappear before he go back to prison."
During the same interview, details emerged of Suge paying the person who cremated 2pac $3,000,000 for his services ..
What did he use - Plutonium?
It's no secret that Las Vegas is a payoff city meaning all sorts of people have been known to be on the take, including doctors, press, laywers etc.
Why would Suge let it be known that he did this? What reason did he have for telling such a thing that would obviously implicate himself playing a part in covering up 2pac's death?
Was Suge trying to tell people he is still alive?
It would appear so -

“Maybe the question is … Pac’s not really dead … Pac’s somewhere else.”  

Also very conveniently, it is legal to fake your death in Las Vegas as the state of Nevada is the only place within America that allows it, given that an attempt on that persons life had already been threatened, which in 2pac's case it had.

The '7 Day Theory' seen on the album cover has proved to be significant as well with the # 7 being seen many times in a way indicating that his death was well planned.
2pac was shot on September 7th, and lived 7 days through the shooting before 'dieing'. At the end of the song 'Hail Mary' 2pac is heard saying '7 days'. His time of death was announced as 4:03 (4+3=7). In the music video 'I Wonder If Heaven Got A Ghetto' the clock in the diner reads 4:03 as well. If 2pac had indeed been following what Machiavelli had once done before, he would return 18 years afterwards and would be 43 years old. Could this simply all just be a coincidence? Reason to believe otherwise only continues to present itself..

When listening to the lyrics in 2pac's music it is clear that he often described plans of faking his death.
2pac himself said during an interview once -
"Don't just bob your head to the beat, peep the game, and listen to what I'm saying. Hold us accountable for it."
Keeping the above in mind, below are some examples of exactly what 2pac detailed himself:

"Listen I got a scheme, break away do my own thing."

"My every move is a calculated step to bring me closer to embrace an early death."

"I'm contemplating plots, wondering the thought to go. Brotha getting shot coming back resurrected."

"I heard a rumor I died, murdered in cold blood, dramatized. Pictures of me in my final stages, you know mam cried, but that was fiction, some coward got the story twisted, like I no longer existed, mysteriously missing."

It's almost as if 2pac knew beforehand about the fake pictures of him in his 'final' stages, going onto say that it was all fictitious.

"I kissed my mama goodbye, wipe the tear from her lonely eye, said I'd return. I know one day I'll be back."

"I disappeared in the crowd, all you seen were troops."
It is interesting to compare this with what the bystander had claimed she saw, involving cops taking 2pac away in a helicopter.

"I play for keeps, arrange the whole crime scene." 

This was seen again when both cars didn't match up..

"God forgive me cause it's wrong but I plan to die ."

It's as if he's asking God's approval, hoping God see he means well by faking his death.

"Just looking back at the world from another level, ya know what I mean."

"There's ten rules to this game but I'll share with you two."

In Machiavelli's book there are actually 10 rules on faking your death.

"Let the world know I plan to die." 

"Call me a prophet cuz I predicted what was going to happen."

"Expect me like you expect Jesus to come back, expect me, I'm comin!"

As well as just his lyrics, more of 2pac's music videos foretold of this "plan" also.

In the video 'I Ain't Mad At Cha' 2pac is seen foreshadowing his own death before dieing. Later in the video 'Hail Mary' released after his death, we see 2pac resurrected from the grave. 

In an interview with 2pac's mother, Afeni Shakur, we see yet even more hints being given that 2pac could still be alive today -
VIDEO: "I think that 2pac was really tired, he was tired of fighting, tired of being vilified, tired of being called things that he knew inside himself he was unable to be. He had a right, and I couldn't change it. As a mother its the worst thing, being powerless, can't change it, can't make it right, can't fix it for my baby. I wish he was here everyday but I don't want him to be unhappy. And I know that my son, he chose his life, and in the end, he chose to leave quietly. And I think I can leave him alone."

By 'leaving quietly', what are the chances of her meaning 2pac had actually moved to Haiti, or Cuba even? 

One week after 2pac's death over 1000 people in Haiti began 
reporting to authorities that they had seen 2pac.

In the song 'This Life I Lead', at 3:25 2pac can be heard whispering "Whats Up Cuba". Could it be possible 2pac went there? In Cuba the laws are totally different, as if anyone's life is in danger they are welcome. 2pac's aunt also lives there along with his sister. 

In 2001 a Cuban rap music video was released with what looks like 2pac making an appearance in it.


While there is no way of knowing if this really is him or not, the resemblance is startling. The song is titled "Amsterdam 2 LA" by Chillo and a translated version can be seen below:

It is astounding also to take note of the amount of celebrities who over the years have leaked out that 2pac is alive and well. This list includes New Jack, a former professional wrestler of the ECW. Treach a close friend with 2pac.
Willow Smith, who is Jada Smith's daughter, wrote a note to 2pac saying she knows he's still alive and to come back to make her mom happy.
Jada and 2pac had a close relationship with each other.
Obie Trice, who also was very close with 2pac at a live performance said to the crowd -
"2pac lives we just can't tell you where cause the FEDS is watchin"

Even so, those who doubt 2pac is still alive have always been able to agree on one thing for certain.
That is that his music lives on ..
It is interesting to see that this may actually prove to be more true than they realise.

In 2009 a rapper by the name of 'Kasinova Tha Don' emerged and is thought to likely be 2pac's front man.
What do I mean by this?
In other words, it is thought that he is simply a name and a face for the new music 2pac may still be releasing to this day.
It would appear when seeing his album covers that he is not trying to making any secret of this either.

Is it perhaps possible the letter 'K' in MAKAVELI when rearranged to 'AM ALIVE K', is hinting he is alive and rapping under 'K'asinova?
After listening to him myself, I believe that this is 2pac for a number of reasons:
Firstly the resemblance of his voice is striking to say the least if you are familiar with 2pac. If you listen you will pick up that his voice has become deeper over the years from getting older, and it is quite notable that the expression of particular vowels is exactly the same.
Secondly, reason to believe this is not just some copycat artist can be found when seeing who has appeared on his tracks. 

Hussein Fatal, a member of The Outlawz, has appeared on 2 of his songs. It is difficult to imagine how he would be ok doing such a thing unless it really was 2pac.
Hussein Fatal has also been heard saying 2pac is alive in a numerous amount of his own songs.
Lastly when listening to songs like 'Mama Cita' by Kasinova, it's hard to doubt that this is really 2pac rapping -

"No regrets, no hesitation in my game plan."

"I'm on my job now, I'm coming back no need to make a frown, like Makaveli I just get around"

As well as songs like '2pac Back'

"I'm back."

"Rick Ross talking facts like 2pac back."

Take a listen for yourself..

Of course, this leaves the BIG question yet to be answered .. 
Will 2pac really return in 2014 after 18 years of having faked his death like Machiavelli did? Only time will tell, but I know one thing, I'll be watching.

For an entire list of Kasinova Tha Don's music, click HERE

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